Customize Theme

Ant Design allows you to customize some basic design aspects in order to meet the needs of UI diversity from business and brand, including primary color, border radius, border color, etc.

Less variables#

We are using Less as the development language for styling. A set of less variables are defined for each design aspect that can be customized to your needs.

Please report an issue if the existing list of variables is not enough for you.

How to do it#

We recommend modifyVars to override the default values of the variables. There are two ways to achieve it in practice.

You can use this example as a playground.

1) Using theme property (recommended way)#

Specify the theme property in the package.json or .roadhogrc file, whose value can be either an object or the path to a JS file that contains the custom values of specific variables:

  • example of directly specifying the custom values as an object:

"theme": {
  "primary-color": "#1DA57A",
  • example of specifying a file path to a JS file:

"theme": "./theme.js",

This approach is available only when using antd-init or dva-cli. If you choose other boilerplates, you can write a webpack config about less-loader modifyVars like atool-build does.


  • Importing styles from less files is necessary.

    • If you import styles by specifying the style option of babel-plugin-import, change it from 'css' to true, which will import the less version of antd.

    • If you import styles from 'antd/dist/antd.css', change it to antd/dist/antd.less.

  • When using dva-cli@0.7.0+, you should add the theme block to .roadhogrc instead of package.json.

  • If you want to override @icon-url, the value must be contained in quotes like "@icon-url": "'your-icon-font-path'" (A fix sample).

2) Overriding Less variables (alternative way)#

Override variables via less definition files.

Create a standalone less file like the one below, and import it in your project.

@import "~antd/dist/antd.less";   // import official less entry file
@import "your-theme-file.less";   // override variables here

Note: This way will load the styles of all components, regardless of your demand, which cause style option of babel-plugin-import not working.