Ant Design

In the process of internal desktop applications development, many different design specs and implementations would be involved, which might cause designers and developers difficulties and duplication and reduce the efficiency of development. After massive project practice and summaries, Ant Design, a design language for background applications, is refined by Ant UED Team, which aims to uniform the user interface specs for internal background projects, lower the unnecessary cost of design differences and implementation and liberate the resources of design and front-end development.

Ant Design which is specially created for internal desktop applications, is committed to improving the experience of users and product designers. User interface designers and user experience designers, collectively, are considered as product designers, and the boundaries of product managers, interaction designers, visual designers, front-end developers and develop engineers are blurred. Taking advantage of unitary specifications, Ant Design makes design and prototype more simple and accessible for all project members, which comprehensively promotes experience and development efficiency of background applications and products.

Guidelines and Resources#

We supply a series of design principles, practical patterns and high quality design resources (Sketch and Axure), to help people create their product prototypes beautifully and efficiently.

Front-end Implementation#

React is used to encapsulate a library of Ant Design components. Any other version of frameworks to implement is also welcome.

Who's using Ant Design#

If your company or products use Ant Design, welcome to click here to leave a message.

How to Contribute#

Welcome to contribute to Ant Design on Github. If you have any suggestions for improvement, questions,or concerns, do not hesitate to advice us here.