Ant Design of React

Following the Ant Design specification, we developed a React UI library antd that contains a set of high quality components and demos for building rich, interactive user interfaces.



  • An enterprise-class UI design language for web applications.

  • A set of high-quality React components out of the box.

  • Written in TypeScript with complete defined types.

  • A npm + webpack + dva front-end development workflow.

Environment Support#

  • Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+ (with polyfills)

  • Server-side Rendering

  • Electron


  • Stable: npm package

  • Next: npm (next)

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Using npm or yarn#

We recommend using npm or yarn to install,it not only makes development easier,but also allow you to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of Javascript packages and tooling.

$ npm install antd --save
$ yarn add antd

If you are in a bad network environment,you can try other registries and tools like cnpm.

Import in Browser#

Add script and link tags in your browser and use the global variable antd.

We provide antd.js antd.css and antd.min.js antd.min.css under antd/dist in antd's npm package. You can also download these files directly from CDNJS or unpkg.

We strongly discourage loading the entire files this will add bloat to your application and make it more difficult to receive bugfixes and updates. Antd is intended to be used in conjunction with a build tool, such as webpack, which will make it easy to import only the parts of antd that you are using.


import { DatePicker } from 'antd';
ReactDOM.render(<DatePicker />, mountNode);

And import stylesheets manually:

import 'antd/dist/antd.css';  // or 'antd/dist/antd.less'

Use modularized antd#

  • Use babel-plugin-import (Recommended)

    // .babelrc or babel-loader option
      "plugins": [
        ["import", { "libraryName": "antd", "style": "css" }] // `style: true` for less

    This allows you to import components from antd without having to manually import the corresponding stylesheet. The antd babel plugin will automatically import stylesheets.

    // import js and css modularly, parsed by babel-plugin-import
    import { DatePicker } from 'antd';
  • Manually import

    import DatePicker from 'antd/lib/date-picker';  // for js
    import 'antd/lib/date-picker/style/css';        // for css
    // import 'antd/lib/date-picker/style';         // that will import less


// tsconfig.json
  "compilerOptions": {
    "moduleResolution": "node",
    "jsx": "preserve",
    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true


  • set allowSyntheticDefaultImports to prevent error TS1192: Module 'react' has no default export.

  • Don't use @types/antd, as antd provides a built-in ts definition already.

Companies using antd#

If your company or product uses Ant Design, let us know here!


Please read our first.

If you'd like to help us improve antd, just create a Pull Request. Feel free to report bugs and issues here.

If you're new to posting issues, we ask that you read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and How to Ask a Question in Open Source Community and How to Report Bugs Effectively prior to posting. Well written bug reports help us help you!

Need Help?#

For questions on how to use antd, please post questions to Stack Overflow using the antd tag. If you're not finding what you need on stackoverflow, you can find us on Gitter as well.

As always, we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with antd!